• Any member with flu-like symptoms should self-exclude from attending any club session at the first sign of the symptoms and seek medical advice.
  • Social distancing and personal hygiene protocols must be followed:
    • Stay 1.5m apart where practicable before, during and after each training session;
    • Do not congregate in groups of more than 20 people before, during and after training;
    • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and dry with paper towel, or use alcohol-based hand sanitiser prior to and after each training session;
    • No handshaking, hugging or other unnecessary physical contact;
  • Food and drinks must only be brought to training sessions from home:
    • Food and drink containers must be labelled;
    • Food and drink must not be shared;
    • Single use containers are preferred.
  • Equipment must not be shared:
    • Hockey sticks, masks, bibs, and goalkeeper gear must not be shared;
    • Hockey balls and cones/markers must be cleaned and disinfected before and after each use;
    • Handling of balls, cones, markers and other club equipment to be minimised;
    • Personal equipment bags must be placed separately upon arrival to comply with social distancing protocols;
    • Personal clothing, towels etc. must be placed into each personal bag immediately after use.
  • Disposable single use gloves must be worn when:
    • Attending to players with injuries or administering first aid;
    • Collecting balls, cones, markers and other shared equipment after each training session.
  • Arrivals and departures:
    • Unless part of the coaching group, all parents must drop children and depart the area until the conclusion of each session;
    • Players and parents must depart the training area promptly after the training session has ended and should not mingle at or around the entrances, exits or in the car park.
    • Each coach or team manager must keep an accurate roster of the names of all who attend each training session.


  • Prevailing WA government requirements must be complied with (as varied from time to time), currently:
    • Outdoor venues may have up to 20 people per training zone at any one time;
    • Each training zone should allow for 4 square metres per person;
    • Maintain social distancing where practicable during the training session;
    • The spaces between gatherings and groups should ensure that there is suitable distancing to prevent one gathering encroaching on another gatherings area.
  • At Melvista Oval and Highview Park (Tregonning Field):
    • Each group shall train in a sufficiently sized area delineated with cones, markers of lines;
    • Group training areas shall be separated from one another by 25m;
    • At this time, it has been recommended that we discourage any spectators.


  • Currently, clubrooms at both Melvista Oval and Highview Park (Tregonning Field) remain closed other than toilet facilities:
    • One toilet will be made available;
    • We request that children are encouraged to use toilet facilities at home prior to attending training to limit use of the toilet;
    • Those using the toilet facilities must wash their hands with soap and water and dry with paper before returning to their training session;
    • Sanitising solution will be available at the entry point for use prior to using the toilet.


Members who are confirmed as being a COVID19 ‘contact’ or ‘infectee’ at any point in the future are requested to contact the club as soon as possible ( and advise of dates of attendance to allow the club to assist health authorities to track and trace contacts.