Version 2 updated 16/5/2020

Hockey Australia and HockeyWA have issued advice and recommended practices for Community Hockey to be able to recommence with training sessions. These have been incorporated below with our procedures to support a safe start back to hockey for our clubs.

Our strategy is to maintain and provide a safe environment for all our players, coaches, officials and staff alike.



Respect all health department advice for protecting yourself and others specifically:

Practice good hygiene – hand washing, cough & sneeze etiquette

Practice social distancing

Understand the symptoms of COVID-19 and know when to stay at home or seek medical advice

  • Any member with flu-like symptoms should self-exclude from attending the turf ( playing, training or  spectating) at the first sign of the symptoms and seek medical advice
  • If you fit into any of the ‘at risk’ categories of being susceptible to infection please seek medical advice prior to attending training
  • Adhere to Lemnos entry, training and exit procedures and follow direction provided by the Turf Manager
  • Should you be confirmed as being a ‘contact’ or ‘infected’ at any point in the future please advise your Club and the Turf Manager (manager@shentonhockey.com.au) as soon as possible. Dates of attendance are important to allow us to track and inform any other attendees at those times


  • DO NOT come to Lemnos turf if you are feeling unwell
  • Do not arrive any more than 10 minutes prior to your designated training session
  • On arrival at Lemnos and PRIOR to entering, those training will be asked to meet with their coach on the Heritage Garden lawn opposite the main door. This is to allow for the completion of an Attendance Form (attached).
  • Please ensure you are on time for your session and the entry process. The gate access to the Turf will be manned (and locked) and unless you have completed the attendance process with your coach on the lawn area you will not be permitted access. Then Gate will remain locked during session times.
  • The coach will lodge the Attendance Form with the Turf Manager on entry into the turf. The form will be used if Contact tracing is required
  • The Attendance Form needs to be completed for EVERY TRAINING SESSION
  • NO SPECTATORS – At this time, no spectators are permitted to attend training sessions
  • NO FOOD – No food will be permitted for consumption at the Turf
  • TOILET FACILITIES – One toilet will be made available. We request that children are encouraged to use toilet facilities at home prior to attending training to limit use of the public toilet. Those using the toilet facilities must wash their hands with soap and water and dry with paper before returning to their training session. Sanitising solution will be available at the entry point for use prior to using the toilet.


  • The turf will be divided into two:

– TURF HALF 1 is nearest Shenton College

– TURF HALF 2 is nearest Stubbs Terrace Stairways

  • To enter, use the stairs immediately adjacent to the half of the turf that you are allocated for training do not wander around the premises or turf (Please note the ‘dug outs’ and benches are closed)
  • All players and coaches should sanitise prior to and after games/sessions. Hand sanitiser will be available for each half of the turf to avoid queuing at the facility entry
  • Water bottles – please leave these in the area allocated for your bag. Make sure your water bottle is labelled. Water bottles are strictly single person use. Avoid use of communal water. All water points will be closed until further notice
  • Mouth guard – must be kept in your mouth or on your person AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT leave them on the ground or where it may come into contact with other players equipment or area they may touch
  • Hockey bag – it is a preference that these are left at home. Players are encouraged only bring the equipment they require for their session. If hockey bags are required these must be placed in the area designated by the Turf Manager which will be labelled. These will be in line with Social Distancing requirements as well. If unlabelled then please apply the social distancing requirements yourself.
  • No equipment is to be shared between players
  • Mobile phones – preferably leave these at home. If you must bring it with you leave it in your hockey bag or beside your water bottle, do not let anyone else touch or handle your mobile phone


  • In line with Social Distancing requirements of 1.5m & 4sqm per attendee, a limit of 20 persons (including the Coaches) being present on each half of the Turf at any one time will be strictly enforced
  • Coaches are advised to ensure that at least the 1.5m gap and 4 sqm rules are adhered to during drills and discussion times. Game play or any other drill that results in physical contact or contravention of the social distancing rules are forbidden
  • First Aid & Injuries – as in line with normal procedures disposable gloves should be worn when attending to players with injuries – especially against blood exposure but also to prevent contact with mouth-guards


  • At the end of the training session all players must leave the turf and the facility promptly
  • Remember to sanitise your hands on departure
  • To minimise contact all training sessions and turf halves will be staggered by 15 minutes to reduce the number of persons entering and leaving or being in the facility at any one time


  • Following Department of Health and Public Health standards and policies and COVID-19 guidance
  • Having an up to date Covid Safety Plan
  • Keeping up to date so we can ‘adjust’ and ‘flex’ to provide you with the safest possible environment
  • Providing a single set of current procedures to follow
  • Additional cleaning, sanitising and waste management
  • Cleaning between the staggered training sessions where necessary
  • Reduction of services until it is deemed safe to recommence – water points, changing facilities, canteen and bar, spectator areas and seating (are all currently closed)
  • Providing soap, paper towels, hand sanitiser and adequate rubbish bins for hand hygiene


Please follow our procedures and we can all enjoy the gradual return to Hockey

Attendees accept responsibility and acknowledges that Lemnos Field is following current government guidelines and procedures to enable training to take place. This does not guarantee that an attendee will not be exposed to the possible transmission of the COVID-19 virus……and as such, Lemnos Field does not accept responsibility for any attendee contracting COVID-19.