Dear Club Members,

Happy New Year to you all and on behalf of your Committee, I take this opportunity to thank renewing members for your contribution to the success of Suburban Lions Hockey Club through a difficult year in 2020 and to welcome new members to the club.

Our AGM will be held at 6.30pm on Thursday 4 February at Tregonning Clubrooms, Verdun Street, Nedlands.

The club membership base in 2021 is expected to be around 850 players across the juniors, seniors and veterans competition. Meeting the diverse needs and expectations of such a large membership remains a challenge for the committee in delivering on the club objectives, namely:

  • The promotion and enjoyment of hockey generally
  • The encouragement of people to play competitive hockey
  • The improvement of the hockey skill level of all Club Members
  • The provision of facilities and grounds for playing hockey
  • The encouragement of social and recreational activities for Club Members, their family and

Your committee is of the view that a focus on coaching and development is key to meeting these objectives, so this remains a key element of the club’s efforts. However, are aware of the need to maintain a sensible balance between the elite and social hockey needs whilst at the same time meeting the high expectations of its membership in terms of coaching, playing facilities, social facilities and on field success all for a reasonable cost to both players and parents of players alike.

For 2021, Hockey Australia will continue with the fee collection structure as per the last 2 seasons with juniors and senior players having to pay the below fees upon registration direct to HA to cover their levy and player insurance.  These amounts will remain the same as 2020 and are automatically added to the club’s fees when registering.

  • Juniors 9-18 – $31.50
  • Seniors 19 + – $43.00

2021 Registrations are now open online click on RENEW for returning members and REGISTER for new members.  We have been able to keep our fees at the same rate as at the beginning of 2020, prior to implementing reduced rates due to the shortened season.

We thank our sponsors as they enter their 3rd year of a 3-year sponsorship agreement.  Major sponsor Cranecorp Australia together with sponsors Nexus Life, Fini Developments and Contempo Studio.

We are also looking for additional volunteers in the areas of:

  • Fundraising & sponsorship coordinator;
  • Communications, marketing, social media coordination;

Please contact Katie if you have expertise in these areas and are willing to assist.

Generally, our fee base does not cover the total cost of running all the programs in the club each year that directly or indirectly benefit all members. We rely on the generous donations and provision of time from relatively few members. This year we are calling on members to consider making a donation at the time of registration to help share this effort. Please look for the donation boxes when registering.

Once again, it would be really appreciated if we could get membership fees paid in full and on time at the start of the season – this when most of our spending happens and money can get very tight.

Also please note that the no-fee, no-play policy remains in place and that this is for your protection – only paid up members will have access to the benefit of insurance coverage.

All the best for 2021,

Bill Mackenzie